If you are the author so caught in writing a story that your perception is one with the character, you’ll always have to keep making up things to make the character happy in the story so you can be happy because you become the character as the author. The author gets so caught up in this characters feelings, identity and attachments that they become his or her own since they are the ones who created this character as a distorted version of themselves.
But what we often fail to realize is that we are the author sitting on a beach writing the novel so caught up in the act that we forget we are NOT the character at all. If you want to be happy and experience freedom and peace, all you have to do is abandon the character, lift your hand from the pen and take a breath and realize that there is paradise all around you and there always has been. You were just to busy being wrapped up by this character you created in this story you are making up.

If our ego constructs concepts, images and ideas about the things it wants or thinks it wants, our energy will be focused on fulfilling those ideas to meet the images the ego has created, giving us this thing to chase after or this person to be..or this person to be with..or this position to have or this way to be thought of by others…blah blah blah…its all for some sense of getting some feeling that it wants to feel…constantly keeping us lost in the story, always looking to make up a new form of happiness for this ego character that is not really ourselves, but has taken us over in its creation though us as a soul.

Real peace is found when we step out of the novel we write for the ego and experience the reality of being an in abundant universe full of magical possibilities that are beyond our ideas, wants and desires of mind based on the images the EGO creates to satisfy itself.
True peace and freedom are only found when we detach from the ego, its ideas of what it wants and who we pretend to be when writing the story of our lives from its perspective.-unknown

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