Growing up in the black community as a kid, he was seen as a mentor, role model and figure to look up to for getting an education and doing something to make life better for blacks. Turns out it was all a farce though, he deceived my parents generation and youth in this one as well. Just goes to show that no matter how many good things a person may do, good deeds can never erase the stains from sins of this gravity…
The thing that boggles my mind about guys like him is why they need to rape women in the first place? How the hell can you be sexually attracted to a person in a corpse like state? Why would the idea of having sex with a non-responsive body turn you on? On top of that, If you were famous with millions of dollars….wouldn’t women be attracted to you naturally anyway? There are probably 1000’s of women out there that are very attracted to TV personalities that are house hold names like him so if he wanted to get a girl..he could have probably done it without drugging and raping them.
Seems like people like him get some sick sense of power or validation simply from the act of victimizing others…..Really sick, very sad and a shocking truth that not all is what it seems on t

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