Ever wonder why so many “yogis” do poses in random places just to take pictures of themselves show off their ability to contort their bodies in fancy positions named after random animals by white people who got high and lived in India in the 60’s?
Yeah, you can do yoga, good for you! Really, thats cool and all, but as a spiritual practice, isn’t it meant to tame the ego and reconnect you with your inner self so you wont feel the need to show off in public? Isn’t it meant to help you grow out of the need for external validation? Or is it just becoming a fad and crutch for more spiritual materialism?
Don’t get me wrong, I love yoga and its great and all, but I’ve been to so many yoga classes where people show off and compete about how “senior” they are, or how much better their posture and form is compared to someone else…who’s pants are more expensive and who’s body looks better…ect.
The ego is very crafty and sneaky. It looks for any and everything it can get its hands on to validate itself outside of itself. It needs to do this because it is not real and it knows it so it need something to hinge itself on. If you are not careful it can twist itself around the very thing that is meant to tame it.
So many people out there get on this super spiritual kick with all their cool accessories to ride the fad, but how many out there actually walk the dark mile of facing the deepest parts of themselves and evolving past the thought and emotional patterns that bind them in states of eternal need for external comforts and validation?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you wont find the key to your spiritual evolution in fancy store, Its not gonna be at the bottom of 100’s of likes on your yoga pose selifes and it wont be the left overs of your cambucha binges…

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