MMA means mixed martial arts. Martial arts were created 1000’s of years ago as a means of defending oneself, cultivating one’s spirit, sharping one’s mind and through rigorous training and above all else, putting one’s ego in check. China, Japan, Korea, SE Asia…….all had their form of fighting arts that served the same purpose. To protect oneself and one’s family.
Fast forward to today….MMA fighters get jacked on steroids, do loads of drugs, party while being paid millions of dollars to talk shit to each other to create some kind of drama for ratings to build up to them eventually beating the shit out of each other in fancy hotels in front of blood thirsty fans who want to see someone get physically hurt in the most violent way possible.

I’ve been doing martial arts all my life and it seems like its the “fighting industry” has evolved into a form of high class prison brawling where angry people with tons of issues can take all their shit out on each other in pissing contests to see who’s member hangs lower. Very far cry from what the original masters intended them to be used for.
Training the body and learning techniques to hurt people is one aspect. Learning humility, cultivating the mind and spirit and putting the ego in check are an important aspect conventional MMA tends to graze over…

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