Sometimes in life, to be able to soar to new heights, you must first sink to new lows. Pain, suffering, chaos and loss are the only teachers that can bring you to the place you need to find to be able to truly see yourself for who and what you really are, and what you really want out of life.

Nothing of lasting value comes without sacrifice, hard work and above all else, humility. Defining yourself by what you have rather than who you are always leads a false foundation of self built on the sands of circumstance, blowing in the winds of change.

Life can give you a small sip of what you want, then a test to see if you are worthy to drink from the cup. True strength and character are found NOT when you have everything and everyone…they can only be found in how you pick yourself back up again when you have nothing and no one but ideas, innovation, drive and the balls not to take no for an answer.- unknown

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