I’ve had some rough shit happen in my life and one important lesson I’ve learned is that real friends aren’t the people that are only there with you when the drinks are flowing and things are fun. Just because you and a group of share a few good times together, it does not make them your “friends”. We all like the feeling of a support network, but how real are people these days when it comes time for them to show their true colors?

The real people you should only consider friends are the people that are willing to be there with you when the chips are down and you are at your worst, standing in your corner, pushing you to stand back up again and not to give up. The people willing to slap the shit out of someone for talking trash about you and would give their last dollar to you when you have nothing left because they know you would do the same for them.

If people are only there for you when you have something to offer them or just to have a good time, don’t count on them when things get real because you will only disappoint yourself by setting any expectations. We live in a world where being fake, phony, 2 faced and spineless is the norm…but being real and genuine is a rarity.

“Truth is always the enemy in a world run by lies” unknown

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