I was having a conversation the other night with a friend and I came to the conclusion that the nature of human existence can be boiled down to 4 factors that are constantly in play at all times:

1) Create – We are the creations of other people, they give us their ideas, knowledge, wisdom, love care and affection to make us who we are via experiences, then we discover what we desire, who we are and what we believe ourselves to be.

2) Consume – Once we find out the things we desire (or think we desire), we pursue them until we get them, then we satisfy our feelings through the act of consumption. We consume experiences, relationships, people, ourselves, things, food, identities and all the rest. Consumption is the fruit of the experience in whatever settings it allows itself to manifest in. Be it desires of the body, mind or spirit.

3) Destroy – Once we’ve consumed our desires into nothingness, we destroy the foundations upon which they were built in the first place. We are constantly destroying our hearts, minds, spirits and bodies on a daliy basis through the act of consumption. Once we’ve destroyed everything we are back at 0 or nothingness.

4) Repeat – Once we get to nothingness after all has been destroyed, we have fresh fertile lot to plant on or a blank canvas to draw on. We take our past experiences to obtain new knowledge and forms of wisdom. That new knowledge is a way of re-creating ourselves again. Once we creation starts it leads to consumption and destruction…then it is repeated over and over again, not only in the microcosm of our daily lives, but on the macrocosm of our human experiences.

CCDR – Create, Consume, Destroy, Repeat – Welcome to planet earth as a human being.- unknown

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