I noticed that so many people are quick to throw in their two cents about what some else is doing or how someone else is wrong for this that or the other reason..or why this that or the other will never “work” because (xyz)…….but yet they have no idea what it takes to be in that person’s shoes, feel what they feel nor are they even trying to do what the person they are trying to discourage is doing themselves. They don’t have a clue or any ground to stand on when offering an opinion, but yet they throw theirs at you as if you need to hear what they have to say.

We’ve all heard them, right? The “yeah, I know a guy who tried that but….” or “you can’t do that, its impossible according to some shit I read in a text book years ago in college” and “I tried that once in the 5th grade and got my lunch money stolen so you should just give up and save yourself the trouble”. “My dad does that stuff and I saw him try (x) before and it didn’t work so…If he can’t do it then there is no way it can be done”

For me and my girlfriend, even some of our so called closest “friends” have been the ones to be the most vocal about telling us what we are doing “won’t work” according to their standards or opinions that we didn’t ask for or care to hear about….while living their mediocre lives not doing jack shit to bring about change in the world…or even in themselves.
One hard lesson I’ve learned over the years is that when you are doing something unique, out of the box and revolutionary with your life, all the other people around you who wish they had the guts, creativity and drive to do what you are doing will either become jealous and insecure by relating their own shortcomings on why THEY think they cant do it themselves directly to you and your situation…. OR silently judge you to find things wrong with you and your course of actions to make themselves feel on par or better than you because seeing your course of action triggers their insecurities.

Crabs in a bucket always pull each other down. Your drive and success will make them feel bad about their lack of drive so they will discourage you because they are so insecure about themselves that the thought of your success will make them actually take a look at their own lives and situation…and that is terrifying for most people. They don’t want to take a look in the mirror and work on themselves so its much eaiser for them to distract themselves by being a wise mentor figure that can help you by keeping you safe and at their level.

You should listen to these people with their wealth of wisdom gained by watching hours of youtube videos, listening to gossip and hearsay, judging situations at face value while taking NO action themselves and reading articles online that granted them their expertise that you need to succeed or save yourself the trouble of even trying in the first place. These people should be given jobs as project consultants because they know so much…right?

Sad to say but mediocricy loves company. If you are doing something big with your life working towards change in the world it is not going to be easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it…but the truth is that most people wish for change and know change is necessary but rarely ACT. They rarely get off their ass and go out on the grind to walk the path. Truth is the enemy in a world of lies and most people are so afraid of change and truth that they will violently fight to the death to keep a comfortable lie alive rather than face an ugly truth.

Seems to me that the time has come for a majority of us to edit out old people, patterns and mentalities out of our lives to make space for growth, motivation and positive forces to unite with us. As a conscious minded and progressive person, being around unprogressive people stuck in their patterns of escape from their problems and constant distraction from the mediocrity of their own lives is only going to result in one of two situations – them trying to bring you down to their level and keep you on par with them OR you going down to their level to make them comfortable so you have something to talk about.
If you are concerned with global poverty, social issues, political inequality, protecting the environment, human rights, world culture, artistic expression and conscious evolution……then you probably won’t be too entertained by Kim Kardasian’s fake boobs, new episodes of whatever bullshit reality TV show is popular these days, boxing matches where two grown men tug at each others members, or the latest and greatest retail crap on the market that is supposed to define you as a person……Call me crazy, but it seems like the two headspaces don’t mix…

An eagle belongs soaring above the clouds because it is a magnificent creature that has no place toiling in the mud with swine. If you are trying to soar above your situation and work towards a goal bigger than yourself, you may come to a point where you need to cut dead weight in your life. But their my best friend, mom, dad, brother so I need them…WRONG! The only people you “need” in your life are people that the universe or God has provided to help you succeed in making the world a better place in whatever small way you can. Sentimentality makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but your goal is much more important than that.

No matter who they are or what they’ve done in the past, don’t be afriad to cut ties with people who do not help you or make you feel good about what you are trying to do for the world. Ask yourself, are you doing something wrong by wanting to change an already bad situation in the world? No? If you succeed, how many people will be happier because of your actions? 1000’s maybe? Are you keeping the company of people that motivate you or being you down? Maybe you are?
Keeping company with unprogressive people will only bring you down to their level and cause you to doubt yourself because they will unknowingly infect you with their lower vibrational mentality. Don’t get wrong, I’m not saying be a snob and put yourself on a pedastool to act like you are so much better than everyone. Love is felt from within so always be kind and compassionate to all people, HOWEVER, you need to respect yourself enough not to let other people drain your energy and pawn their negativity off on you just because they don’t have what it takes to do what you are doing.
“Its always better to be alone than in bad company” – unknown

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