If you feel great inside and full of love for yourself and your life, how can you do an unkind thing to another living being? If you feel horrible inside and do not feel a sense of love for yourself, how can you truly share that with another?
You are not defined by what you think you have or what society labels you as according to its standards of what your value is.

Ever notice how we are taught to put price tags on people based on the number of things they have?
Look deep inside your soul and you will find that you are defined by the love you feel within yourself, how you lose sight of it in the fog of life and how you find it again by seeing through your own illusions and delusions of who and what you think you are.

At the end of the day before you check out of this body and world the only thing that will really matter is who you love, connect with and share experiences with and how you lost but found yourself over and over again. – unknown

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