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After I publicly admitted I was raped earlier this year, I faced many challenges. I was bashed online by thousands of Filipinos, mostly women, I lost my jobs and had to sever ties with several members of my family. In facing my trauma and our society on my own and on such a huge scale, I was made violently aware of the problems that victims in our country face everyday. My eyes were also opened to the gravity of the situation, with inaccurate statistics dictating that there were potentially 73,000 people raped last year alone, many being raped in their homes by their partners or relatives and having no where to turn, trapped in their vicious cycles of abuse.

VICTIMS are exactly that, victims of someone else’s crime and then victims for the rest of their lives to the fear that has been instilled in them and the shame that society places upon them due to ignorance, lack of education and a lack of empathy in general.

Our team at EMPOWER strive to give victims of all kinds, not just rape, a place to help themselves heal and feel normal again. Too often they are isolated and forced to survive never knowing how to cope with what has happened to them and live in silent pain for years even though they are surrounded by people who have endured the same pain, who are living in the same silent hell. Rapists run free because victims are too afraid to speak out and do not even know how to start.

We aim to change that. Empower is a place where we will provide a safe haven for those who wish to find others who have been through similar experiences and need a helping hand to stand again.

We cannot change what has happened to you, but we can help you EMPOWER yourself again, to live your life and not only be stronger but shine brighter as well. To show you that you are not a product of your abuse, but rather a warrior who has overcome odds many could never endure.

About image revs 300x200 BRemember that the experience that you went through has made you STRONGER than you can ever imagine, because you have SURVIVED it. Now all you have to do is find that strength to rise again.

We can help. The first step is being able to find the strength to admit it to yourself and say it out loud. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you have nothing to fear. We are here to listen.

EMPOWER yourself. Break free from the chains you have carried for too long. Let us stand together to help victims everywhere be free.

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